Sunday, 7 February 2010

211. Haircut time?

This was the last time I had a haircut was 6 months ago! In Malaysia.
And after my haircut, no one noticed a differece except me. :)

Again, if you follow my way too active Twitter page you would know by now that I want  need to get myself a new haircut soon.

I am still in denial that I have long hair and truly believe that I have got shoulder length hair. But some parts of me know that my hair is almost reaching my waist. And that is quite long if you ask me.

But, see my excuse is this. I have major attachment issues with my hair. I pamper it daily.
I curl, I straighten, I always condition, I mask it occasionally, hot oil it when needed, never ever dye it, and spend quite a lot of money on shampoo and conditioner. 
So, you see how my attachment is based?

Other than that, getting a hair cut in Norway is pricey!
I am expected to pay at least 800 NOK - 1000 NOK for a proper hair cut! That is about RM 600!
I kid you not. 
That is almost whole weeks pay! 

Well, I guess I could try finding cheaper places. But where?
And plus, based on #1, I know no matter how I'll probably hate it. Attachment issues remember.

So, in many ways I am quite stingy like that. I find that I could do more useful things with my money like have a good sushi dinner 4 times over. 

After haircut.

Now, this is the interesting part. As I walked pass Hairpoint in Lillestøm yesterday, I saw that they had a 800 NOK (RM500) Cut and colour offer. I thought this is my chance to get my hair done. Do something drastic! Change! And always wanted to know how I'll look in brown/red hair!

Then I thought again.

In about 1 month. What do I do with the regrwoth?

I am still considering it though, I have till the end of Febuary to decide. :) 
I know, I'll probably end up not doing it though. Haha!
Only now, I have justified myself. I got reasons. :)


Queen Messy said...

You only have to pay 800 NOK if you color it or curl or something like that. If you just want a haircut, you can get that for cheaper. Maybe 400 or 500? Plus, don't go in the city, of course its expensive! Much cheaper in Eidsvoll :) I get curls and cut for 800 NOK there, that takes 2 hours. So quite cheap. Also NO! don't color it, I know that you know that your hair is gorgeous and you should not besmudge it with fake colors and treatments that harm it. Keep up the good care and don't go for the bad!

Anonymous said...
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Lisa! said...

I have yet to find a good hair stylist, see?
And the good ones are usually the ones that overcharge and also happen to be those in the city.

I came to realize today, the best stylist of all time.
Is me. :P There will possibly never be anyone that can satisfy me. Haha! Fml.

I think I'll just go sulk and be Rapunzel instead. :D


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