Sunday, 7 February 2010

210. The best there is

Or the best I know of.

Is the stupid times I spend with you.

Anywayssssssssss, before I get to carried away.
Have you checked this out?

I complain so much about Oslo being probably the most boring yet most expensive city there is, and then one day I discovered a guide for people like me who complains too much about Oslo. Yeah, I am usually a bit slow on the uptake on things.

But Aftenposten (a newspaper in Norway) has compiled a guide which is quite easy to follow and actually has quite a few good tips and ideas about what one can do in Oslo!

I am going to say, it might be one of those must have guides if you ever want to visit Oslo! And I for one, am going to try out some of their suggestions! 

Now, if only they had it in English too :(

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