Thursday, 4 February 2010

206. Saree or is it Sari?

Since the pictures aren't too impressive, I am going to make Magnar take more next time!
Oh and when I get it on right that is! 

Anyways, Jens (Magnar's dad) got home from India and brought home some awesome looking saris!

They were all really really really really really beautiful. I didn't realize how the colours on Indian silks are so darn gorgeous.

And then the daunting task of putting them on was even better. We were basically a bunch of people trying to put on a saree from the help of Youtube videos!
And mind you, we didn't actually have all the necessary bits and pieces but we made do!

My very very very failed first attempt. Haha!
Look at that face. 

It was really fun putting them on and frolicking around the house with it! 

And I had someone else playing dress up with me too! Only she knew what she was doing!

Please remind me to write Jens a Thank You note in Indian! 
Till then, Naamaste Jens! 

Ps. Btw in case you were wondering which one I choose the Orangey Purpley one! :)


kenwooi said...

wearing a sari takes time right? coz they have like so many layers.. =)

Lisa! said...

Haha! well, it really is only a big cloth wrapped around numerous times :D


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