Wednesday, 17 February 2010

222. Sledging!

Blog number 222! How exciting!

I got some pictures from Magnar today labelled "You sledging" and since they are decent quality iPhone images figured I might as well share it with you! :)

Yes, I sledge like that.
Hrmph, what do you take me for?

Haha! I think you can tell I had quite a great time!
P:S, Mummy see, I ran out of contact lenses and had to wear my emo glasses out :(

I should make a .gif of these pictures later! :)

It was my first ever sledging trip! And it is soooooo much fun!
I could only wish there was a longer track so I could slide down and down and down for a really long time! :) Infact if it never ends, that would be even better!

Everyone should give this a try sometime!

On another random note : I found out today that Photobooth does video! *evil laugh* 
Now, wait for my new vlog blogging! :)



Calvyn said...

i never play ski before... was plan to do it next year

Lisa! said...

Ooooh! That sounds like fun! :D Where are you planning on going? :D


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