Wednesday, 10 February 2010

214. Music Plug

This you have to see!
Aiden Davis, Britian's Got Talent

Obvious talents aside, helps when you look so cute! :) Mmmmmmm
And that accent. Ahhh, I almost want to melt into a puddle of mushball. Haha!

Here is a quick story, Yesterday I managed to bump into so many people in Oslo!
I met Sofie, Torbjørn, Marius, George, Nika, Magnar and Martin!
Mind you, only Tor was a planned meet. Sometimes Oslo is quite a little city! :)

I tried out Tank, that burger bar under the canteen, and I got to say, I was pleasantly surprised! 
I had some vegeburger and I loved it. And that fills my vegetarian quota for this week too! Maybe I'll increase my vegetarian days in a week soon?

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